Magul Maduwa (Royal Audience Hall)

Audience Hall, Kandy

The ‘Magul Maduwa’, a finely carved masterpiece in timber is where the king met his ministers and carried out his daily administrative tasks. Many historic events have taken place at this location and it was here that the British handed over the death sentence to the Sri Lankan national heroes Keppatipola Disave and Madugalle Disave. A replica of the Royal Audience hall of Kandy was constructed in granite in Colombo in 1948 to commemorate Sri Lanka’s Independence from the British.
Ran Avuda Mandapaya (Royal Armory)

Constructed in 1592 by King Wimaladharmsooriya I, the Ran Avuda Mandapaya was believed to be the place where the crowns and swords of the Kandyan kings were designed, molded and bejeweled. It was one of the first buildings that were added to the Temple of the Tooth complex.
International Buddhist Museum

Next to the Temple of the Tooth is the world’s first International Buddhist Museum and was established with the contributions of 17 countries. It epitomizes the spread of Buddhism through Asia and the rest of the world.
Museum of ‘Raja’ the Maligawa Tusker

On to the left of the temple is a building which houses the taxidermied remains of the Maligawa Tusker – Raja, who carried the golden casket on the annual Perehera for 50 years. Raja passed away in 1988 and was declared a national treasure.

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