Royal Palace Kandy

15 Raja Veediya, Kandy

The last king to reside in the Royal Palace was King Sri Wickrama Rajasinhe, until he was overthrown by the British in 1815 with the aid of Kandyan chieftains. Once part of a large palace complex that included the Raja Wasala, (King’s Palace), Magul Maduwa (Royal Audience Hall), Meda Wasala (Queens’ Palace), Palle Wasala (King’s Harem Quarters) and Ulpange (Queen’s Bathing Pavilion), together with the Temple of the Tooth.
Raja Wasala (King’s Palace)

The Raja Wasala (King's Palace) is a long building with a central doorway and a flight of steps entering into an imposing hall decorated with stucco and terra-cotta work. Rooms are found in the two long wings with a long verandah facing the inner courtyard.
Meda Wasala

To the north of the Palle Wasala, is the Meda Wasala or Queens' Chambers. Although smaller in size, it is similar in architectural character to the Palle Wasala. The building is currently used by the Kandy office of the National Department of Archaeology.
Wadahindina Mandappe

This is where the king used to meet Adigars and other foreign envoys and visitors. It is situated near the Raja Wasala and Magul Maduwa. Today this building is used as the museum building for ‘Raja’ the Maligawa tusker.
Palle Wasala

The Palle Wasala or Lower Palace was used as the quarters of the harem of the King of Kandy. The main doorway to the structure leads to a small hall in front of the central building. In 1942 this building was converted into the National Museum of Kandy, and is currently maintained by the Department of National Museums.

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